Memo to: Killian Timoney

As you can see, the Republican voters have roundly rejected your representation of them to the State assembly. They recognized that you were voting with Democrats and have made it plain that they did not like it.

I will be happy to remove this website if you will do one of two things:

1.   ENDORSE Republican Thomas Jefferson in the general election
2.   Re-register as a Democrat and make an announcement that you have

If you do either, I will take down this site. Otherwise it will remain as a warning to other liberal Republicans that they will eventually suffer the same primary fate.

Memo to: Republican Voters

I fully expect Mr. Timoney to ignore/reject this very resonable offer. I fully expect that he will endorse the Democrat in this race, as there will be TWO main issues in this fall's general election campaign:

1.   School Choice
2.   Abortion

This November you have a VERY important school choice amendment on your ballot. If you vote yes, it will help us to break the back of the public school monopoly. The public school mafia (teachers unions) will be fighting it tooth and nail. They do NOT want to lose their precious and very powerful monopoly. All their power in Kentucky politics eminates from that monopoly. As long as that monopoly exists, they will continue to corrupt the public school system and pull the strings of politicians to keep them from doing anything about it. I hope voters do the right thing and vote YES on that amendment in November.

Back to Mr. Timoney. Timoney is in the tank for the public school monopoly and marches to the beat of the public school mafia (teachers unions). That is why they spent $75,000 against Thomas Jefferson in the May 21st primary, because Mr. Timoney is their good and faithful servant. My sincere thanks to the Republican voters of District 45 who sniffed all that out and elected Jefferson.

The battle now moves to this fall's general election. Conservative Thomas Jefferson is pro-school choice while the Democrat Adam Moore will be defending the public school monopoly.

NOTE:   There is no need for me call Adam Moore a liberal because all Democrats are liberals. The notion that there are conservative Democrats is an absurd joke. If you believe that then you will believe anything. In fact Mr. Moore is SUCH a liberal Democrat that the Democrats were happy to let him run "unopposed" to be the Democrat candidate for State Representative. He'll say he is different, but he's a Democrat, say no more.

Regardless of how pro-abortion Adam Moore is, Timoney who says he is pro-life (he's Catholic) is going to support Moore because Timoney supports the public school. Just so we are clear, Timoney is a public school administrator who is making "big bucks" from that monopoly. His opportunities to advance in that system will end if he comes out for Jefferson, so that won't happen.

I expect Timoney to wait until late in the general election campaign to make his announcement of support for Moore, in onder to create the biggest, most dramatic impact that he can when he does it.

As a Republican I am often lectured about how Republicans must unify behind other Republicans. Of course that is the lecture from the establishment Republicans (I call them the McConnellites) who are liberals. The minute a conservative Republican wins, and a liberal Republican strikes out against them (as McConnell and his cronies do all the time) they become strangely silent about the need for unity.

Watch all this unfold like clockwork.

Of course I could be wrong, and perhaps Mr. Timoney will endorse Jefferson; but then pigs might fly.

Bob Barney

Killian Timoney is a RINO   (Republican in Name Only)

NEW web page:         Click on: Lies and Liars - Timoney's Campaign Mailers

Good Summary:         CPC - District 45 Candidate Comparison

Timoney Voted For:  Gender altering surgery for children
                                      Biological Boys in Girl's Sports!  

FLASH NEWS:             Kentucky Family Foundation 2024 Legislative Scorecard
                                      Family Foundation Voter Guide - Conservative Jefferson versus Liberal Timoney
                                      Friends of Mitch McConnell PAC pumping over $250,000 into Timoney Primary  WHY?
                                      Public School Teachers Union Pouring $50,000 $75,000 Into Timoney Primary  WHY?

Timoney Opposes:    School Choice        March 13, 2024 - Timoney Votes Against HB2

Important News:       Timoney launches Preemptive strike on Homeschoolers
                                      Timoney Sponsors Bill Expanding Abortion
                                      Thomas Jefferson recommended by Kentucky Right to Life
                                      Thomas Jefferson endorsed by Stand For Health Freedom

Jefferson Endorsed:  Jessamine County Republicans Party Endorse Republican Thomas Jefferson
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Senate Bill 150 - Gender Surgery for Children

Senate Bill 150 was a bill intended to protect children by protecting parent's rights to determine what is best for their children. Senate Bill 150 bans gender altering surgery for children. This bill was vehemently opposed by LGBTQ groups and their political supporters. If you want a sense of the controversy: Click Here

Matt Lockett voted for this bill and Killian Timoney voted against it. Further, the bill was vetoed by Governor Andy Beshear. Matt Lockett voted to override that veto and Killian Timoney voted against overriding the Beshear veto. Timoney was with Beshear and the Democrats the whole distance.

Click Here to learn more about Senate Bill 150.

Click Here for a record of the votes on Senate Bill 150.

NOTE:   Page 7 is a record of the House vote to pass the bill, and Page 12 is the vote to override Beshear's veto.

IMPORTANT:   The courts have now agreed that Killian Timoney was WRONGClick Here for Matt Walsh's commentary on that court ruling.

This article is a MUST READ: Transgender ‘Treatments’ for Children One of the ‘Greatest Ethical Scandals in Medical History’, French Report States

This Was No Accident

Timoney did not get the vote wrong by accident. Remember, this is his "area of expertise" and yet when you consider what he believes, and how he votes, he is clearly out of step with the majority of Republicans on this issue. But it's no surprise when you consider Timoney's basic views about who is in charge of your children.

CLICK HERE  to watch Timoney explain how public schools, and not parents, are the "local control" in charge of children.

Does that video remind you of anyone? It should. CLICK HERE  to watch Joe Biden tell you that your children are not your's and to learn how Andy Beshear agrees with Killian Timoney that schools should have control over children without parental involvement.

And just so you don't think this year's vote on Senate Bill 150 was a fluke, let's reach back to a key vote on education in last year's session.

Senate Bill 83 (2022) - Boys in Girls' Sports

Senate Bill 83 (from 2022) was a very similar bill to Senate Bill 150. Senate Bill 83 was intended to protect female student athletes from unfair competition from trans-male athletes.

Matt Lockett voted for this bill and Killian Timoney voted against it. Just like SB150, this bill had been vetoed by Governor Andy Beshear. Matt Lockett voted to override that veto and Killian Timoney voted against overriding the Beshear veto. Timoney was with Beshear and the Democrats the whole distance.

Click Here to learn more about Senate Bill 83.

Click Here for a record of the votes on Senate Bill 83.

NOTE:   Page 3 is a record of the House vote to pass the bill, and Page 6 is the vote to override Beshear's veto.

Timoney's vote against Senate Bill 83 led to "Common Sense Values LLC" producing this video

The only good thing you can say about Killian Timoney on these school related issues is that he is consistent. Timoney is consistently WRONG; VERY WRONG.

We have a problem in Kentucky with our Republican super majorities in the House and Senate. Too often conservative legislation is only passing narrowly, or worse, not passing at all. What's going on? The answer is simple, there are goats in with the sheep; there are tares in with the wheat; there are RINO Republicans voting with Democrats.

How do we identify these RINOs (Republicans in Name Only)?

American Conservative Union

The American Conservative Union, the conservative organization that hosts the very important annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) released its rankings for Kentucky politicians. No surprise, Killian Timoney ranks lowest among Republicans (literally).

The Family Foundation - 2024 Election Voter Guide

The Family Foundation have just released their 2024 election Voter Guide.   Click Here or on the image that follows to see the guide. It is clear that this race is Conservative Thomas Jefferson versus Liberal Killian Timoney. In fact if you check EVERY other primary race, for either State Representative or State Senator, there is no other Republican ranked as liberal as Killian Timoney. Killian Timoney is the most liberal Republican lawmaker in Frankfort.

Kentucky Family Legislative Scorecard

Many thanks to The Family Foundation who have put out the Kentucky Family Legislative Scorecard. On page 2 of that scorecard they rank state representatives on their votes and actions with respect to conservative legislation.

Who does the Family Foundation identify as the lowest ranked, most liberal Republican in the State Legislature?

    Killian Timoney is the worst.   In fact it's NOT even close.

There are two state representatives that serve parts of the same two counties: Fayette and Jessamine. The first of those two Republicans is Matt Lockett (District 39). Lockett is at the top of the Family Foundation scorecard:

Lockett is one of the Republicans who scored 100%. Thank you Matt!

Timoney is the other Republican who is in both Fayette and Jessamine (District 45). By sharp contrast to Lockett, Timoney is at the bottom of the list, the worst ranked Republican with an abysmal 14%.

14%, what an embarrassment! No other Republican ranks worse than Timoney. There is actually one Democrat that ranks higher than Timoney.

The Kentucky Family Foundation has just published their latest scorecard for 2024. Click on the image to see the scorecard:

Some things have changed while other things remain as they were. The 2024 scorecard now uses a new scoring methodology that is actually more helpful. In the old score card the LOWEST scoring State Representative was a Democrat, with a 0 out of 100 rating. Actually, there wasn't just one Democrat with a ZERO, there were 7 Democrats who earned the distinction of a zero. That's not really helpful when you are trying to pick the worst of the worst, and so the grading of ABYSMAL to LOW scores has changed and there are no more ZERO values. That's good.

On the other end in the 2023 scorecard there were 15 Republicans that had earned a 100% ranking, and I had focussed on Matt Lockett as the example above because like Killian Timoney, Lockett serves voters in both Fayette and Jessamine County. Lockett continue to earn a 100% ranking (no change). In the new scorecard the number of Republicans with 100% has been reduced from 15 to 12. New to the 100 club is Savannah Maddox (up from 93%), Jason Nemes (up from 59%) and James Tipton, (up from 81%).

Falling out of the 100 club were Walker Thomas (down to 98%), Bill Wesley (down to 97%), David Hale (down to 94%), Chris Fugate (down to 89%) and Shawn McPherson (down to 85%. One of the previously 100% club resigned his seat.

The highest ranking Democrat on the new scorecard is Ashley Tackett Laferty. Laferty was the highest ranking Democrat in 2023 with a 63%. Under the new 2024 scorecard she gets a boost to 83%.

Now let's look at look at the worst of the worst. The worst Democrat is Lindsey Burke who in 2023 earned at big fat ZERO. Under the new 2024 scorecard she has a 37% and is tied with NO ONE She's still the worst of the worst.

Who is the worst Republian on the Scorecard? That doesn't change from 2023. Killian Timoney is still the worst Republican in Kentucky, earning a score of 53%.

Given the deceitful advertising that Timoney has done in the election, he will want everyone to know he has more than tripled his score but HOLD ON A MINUTE. Remember my analysis, the scoring methodology has changed. Actually, by comparison to the worst of the worst Democrats, there are NOW 7 Democrats who get a better rating than Timoney where before there was ONLY 1. I have taken portions of the chart to put Timoney in his ranked position with ALL the other Democrats. here it is:

As you can plainly see, there are now 7 Democrats who rank higher than Timoney, were before there was only one. Any fair assessment would conclude that Timoney has gotten WORSE, not better. He is voting more and more with the Democrats, and is clearly part of the Democrat contingency in Frankfort. Once again, The embarrassment continues!

Public Education

The Family Foundation scorecard results are built on a number of issues but let's focus on the area that falls under the "expertise" of Killian Timoney. Timoney has worked all his life in public education. He has been a teacher, assistant principal and is now a school administrator.   Click Here to see his entire resume. There you can review his Experience.

Let's consider the number one education issue that the Family Foundation looked at, and let's see how Timoney voted on that.

Timoney Opposes School Choice and Hates Private Education

CLICK HERE  to read what Timoney has to say about school choice and private education. Here's what that article says:

    "Rep. Killian Timoney, a Republican from Nicholasville, said he believes calling it “school choice” is misleading, comparing it to offering voters ice cream without giving all the details.

    “Everyone likes ice cream. But road kill flavored ice cream? Maybe not,” he said.

    Timoney said school choice programs would siphon money from public schools and give them to private institutions. He worried private school teachers and employers wouldn't pay into the state’s ailing pension system, and wondered if private schools wouldn't poach the best teachers and administrators from schools already struggling to fill vacancies.

Timoney makes no sense. He says that he is worried that the "road kill flavored ice cream" schools would "poach the best teachers and administrators". Why would teachers want to work for "road kill" schools? Maybe Timoney recognizes the danger private education represents, because it produces a better product than the public system. Maybe there are teachers in the public system who feel trapped by that system, and who would like to work where their skills could be made better use of.

Public education is in serious trouble. The more money we give it, the worse and worse a product it delivers. And when asked how to fix it, public schools always say the same thing "Give us more money." And when we do it just gets worse. It's a dog chasing its tail.

The only hope to get public school educators to pay attention is to have some serious competition. But competition will always be VERY limited because public education has a total monopoly on the tax money taken for the education of our children. Under the current Constitution, NOT one dime of money that has been raised to educate children is available to educate those same children if that education is delivered outside the public schools.

Not providing some access to funds allocated to educate their child, for those parents who want a better school for their children, is FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG.

The "Support Education Excellence in Kentucky" (SEEK) funding program (about $5,000 per year) is a perfect example of just how unfair the current system is. If Kentucky provided the SEEK money to a parent to offset the costs of private schools or home schooling, that would have NO impact on any individual public school.


Currently, if your child is attending a public school, the SEEK money goes to that school. However, if you homeschool or send your child to a private school, the SEEK money no longer goes to that public school. Once again, if your child is not in a particular public school, that public school does not receive the SEEK money.

Given the public school doesn't get it, what's wrong with some or all of that SEEK money going to the parent's choice for the child's education? How does that hurt a public school? But NOT even SEEK money is immune from the Constitutional monopoly that public schools currently have. The ONLY solution: the monopoly must be broken; the Constitution must be amended.

Timoney, and RINOs like him, are determined to protect the public school monopoly. They have NO concern for how bad a job those public schools are doing, they just want the money.

March 13, 2024 - Timoney Votes Against House Bill 2

On March 13, 2024 the Republicans in the Kentucky State House brought forth a School Choice Bill to amend the Kentucky Consitution to allow some funding for private education alternatives. True to form, Timoney joined with the Democrats to vote against the 65 Republicans who voted for this School Choice Consitutional Amerndment. Here's the voting record, with "R" next to each Republican who voted against the bill (one Republican abstained).

You can Click Here for a more detailed list of the votes on this bill, or you can click on the image above.

NOTE:   No Democrat voted for this bill.

Friends of Mitch McConnell PAC Pumping $250,000 Into Timoney Primary

This may set a spending record in Kentucky as the most expensive State House primary race in the history of the state. Combined with the teachers union spending $75,000 (next article) the Commonwealth Conservative Coalition, Political Action Committee (PAC), has disclosed that they are spending $253,329 in this race.

Which begs the question, WHY?

With the teachers union (next article) that's a total of $325,000 and that's only 2 of the pro-Timoney groups blowing large amounts of money on this race. I would like you to read what State Representative Savannah Maddox has to say about this group.

On top of that, Killian Timoney is LONG OVERDUE on filing his financial reports with KREF so we have NO clue how much he's raked in. Here's a screen shot of the report page, May 10, 2024 (Click here to see the current page).

And even when he files his report, that won't include a HUGE last minute fundraiser he held at a horse racing track on May 8th.

It's all quite a contrast to the Thomas Jefferson campaign which has raised a paltry $14,225. Click here for that report. Talk about a David and Goliath story, WOW! The Democrats and RINOs are trying to use a cannon to kill a pesky fly. The amount of money spent per vote for Killian Timoney is likely to be ENORMOUS. And just think about it, 2 months ago 85% of Republicans in District 45 did not even know who Killian Timoney was, let alone what he was voting for in Frankfort.

Will big money buy this race for the liberals? That's all up to the primary voters.

Public School Teachers Union Pouring $50,000 $75,000 Into Timoney Primary **

Click Here to read the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance Report of an Independent Expenditure which shows that "Better Schools KY" (a political PAC of the Jefferson County KY teachers union) is spending $50,000 in advertising for the Killian Timony primary versus Thomas Jefferson.

TOO LATE!   The Teachers Union actually jacked it up to $75,000.   Click Here to read the story which says:

"The two Republican candidates receiving the most financial support from Better Schools Kentucky include current state Rep. Killian Timoney of Lexington ($75,000) [emphasis added] and former state Rep. Ed Massey of Hebron ($90,000), both of whom strayed from the rest of their caucus in 2022 by voting against a bill to fund charter schools and in 2021 by voting against a bill to create tax credits for private school tuition."

In other words, because Timoney voted to preserve the public school monopoly, even though the rest of the Republicans voted for funding alternative education choices, Timoney's reward is a big PAY OFF from the teachers union to help him with his re-election. The problem is that most Republican voters will NOT know where all the money is coming from, which is paying for all that glossy and glowing advertising that tells them that Timoney is a swell Republican and they should keep voting for him. Have you noticed how the people educating the next generation lie without any reservation?

Click Here to listen to Lee Watts explain that Better Schools KY is a Democrat controlled operation.

This is the beginning of what will be an all out war by the teachers unions on House Bill 2. They are trying to preserve Republican incumbents who voted against House Bill 2, and trying to defeat "at risk" Republicans who voted for it.

Click Here to see the 5 races that the Teachers Unions are trying to influence. You will note that Killian Timoney's gift of $50,000 is among the largest payouts. He's their shining star, and they are doing whatever they can to keep him. Timoney is page 2 of the 5 pages of reports.

In 2021 the Republican majority NARROWLY passed House Bill 563, a school choice bill. All but one Democrat voted against it. Here is a list of those 24 Republicans who voted with the Democrats against that bill.

      John C Blanton - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU John C. Blanton!
      Joshua Branscum - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Joshua Branscum!
      Josh Bray - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Josh Bray!
      Patrick Flannery - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Patrick Flannery!
      Deanna L. Frazier Gordon - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Deanna L. Frazier Gordon!

      Chris Fugate

      Mark Hart - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Mark Hart!
      Samantha Rae Heavrin - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Samantha Rae Heavrin!
      Regina Huff (retired 2023)
      Kim King - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Kim King!
      Norma Kirk McCormick (retired 2023)

      Derek Lewis
      Scott Lewis

      Ed Massey  ** (defeated 2022) back and running against TJ Roberts
      Bobby Wayne McCool - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Bobby Wayne McCool!
      Shawn McPherson - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Shawn McPherson!

      Michael Lee Meredith (Distict 19) *  **

      Jason Petrie

      Steve Riley

      Bart Rowland (retired 2023)
      Steve Sheldon (retired 2023)
      Tom Odell Smith - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Tom Odell Smith!

      Killian Timoney (Distict 45) *  **

      Richard White - Voted for House Bill 2 (2024) - THANK YOU Richard White!

Those marked in red doubled down in March 2024, voting AGAINST House Bill 2.

Those marked in red are the worst of the worst RINOs in Frankfort. Those RINOs need to be replaced.

*   In House District 45, Killian Timoney is facing a primary challenge from Thomas Jefferson. It's time to send Killian Timoney packing.

*   In House District 19, Michael Lee Meredith is facing a primary challenge from Kelcey Rock. It's time to send Michael Lee Meredith packing.

**   Beneficiaries of Public School Union money spent to assist their 2024 primary campaigns. Click Here to see the 5 races that the Teachers Unions are trying to influence. In addition to the three noted above, the Teachers Unions are trying to defeat HB2 supporters and incumbent Republicans Marianne Proctor and Candy Massaroni.

Timoney is NOT your state representative, he is representing the school teachers union. He is literally bought and paid for by the public school system. Rather than solve the problems with our public schools, he is a key part of the problem and that problem will NEVER be fixed until we defeat RINOs like Killian Timoney.

In his comments above, you will see that Timoney is more worried about teacher pensions than the welfare of the students. Instead of a real discussion or debate, Timoney makes personal attacks linking private school education to "road kill".

REMEMBER: Timoney is a public school administrator. He is in charge of the people teaching your children!

Timoney Co-Sponsors HB 497, a Preemptive Strike on Homeschoolers
HB 497 is a Threat to Begin Regulating Homeschoolers

CLICK HERE  to read House Bill 497 which proposes to:

    Amend KRS 158.080 to require any individuals teaching elementary or secondary grades at a private or at-home private school to possess a high school diploma or High School Equivalency Diploma.

The immediate question, "Why the need for this legislation?" Is there any evidence that some homeschool teachers are doing a bad job? The answer is simple, the evidence is to the contrary. Homeschooled students do better academically than public school students. Why? Individualized care.

Is there any evidence that requiring a parent to have a high school diploma would make them a better teacher? None. I have a term for stuff like this. It's a solution looking for a problem. It's worse than that, it's government harassment.

And if this Bill was adopted into law who says it ends there? Why not require parents to have a college education before they can homeschool their children? After all, public school teachers must have a college education. In fact they have to go to teaching college. Why not require parents teaching at home to have the same education? You see where this is going, right?

So why do these three Republican state representatives want to regulate homeschooling? I believe it's a warning, a threat. Timoney and his cronies are acting like enforcers for the public school mafia (teachers unions) who are worried about the growing numbers of parents who are taking their children out of public schools and homeschooling. How dare they challenge the teachers unions and their control of education!

CLICK HERE  if you have not watched Timoney explain how public schools, and not parents, are the "local control" in charge of children.

CLICK HERE  to read about the growing number of parents homeschooling.

To summarize, the teachers unions are worried because the homeschoolers are getting better academic results than the public schools. Amateurs are doing better than the highly paid and trained professionals. But the teachers unions are REALLY WORRIED because there is a serious effort to change Kentucky's Constitution to allow some tax money to follow students when parents choose private education. The teachers unions aren't just worried, they are angry. They want to preserve their monopoly and they don't want anyone to touch what they see as their money.

The implied threat of HB497 is that the public school mafia (teachers unions) will use the government to harass homeschool parents and make life difficult for them. The sad thing is that there are a number of Republican State Representatives that march to the beat of the teachers union drum.

Folks, wake up. Participation in homeschooling has grown dramatically. The abysmal way children were treated during COVID, combined with the increasingly "woke" agenda of the liberals who control public education, and more and more people are seeking private education alternatives. Parents are legitimately worried about the lack of quality education that their children are getting from the public system, and just as worried about the liberal propaganda that is being served up to their kids.

I recommend that you reach out and WARN your Republican state representative that if they join and support HB497 that they will be faced with a primary challenge in their next election and that you will vote for that challenger.

Killian Timoney is already facing such a challenger and it is vital that Timoney be defeated on May 21st. His challenger, Thomas Jefferson, will not be a teachers union pawn.

Timoney Co-Sponsors HB 711, a Bill to Expand Abortion
HB 711 Would Make Abortion Legal in the Case of Rape or Incest

CLICK HERE  to read House Bill 711 which proposes to:

    allow an abortion when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest .

Timoney is one of three sponsors to this bill. Nevertheless, Timoney and his two partners have managed to enrage the pro-life community with their proposed legislation.

As a result of House Bill 711, Killian Timoney is NOT endorsed or recommended by Kentucky Right to Life. He also failed to respond to the Kentucky Right to Life questionaire.

NOTE: Thomas Jefferson has been recommended by Kentucky Right to Life.

I have linked to two YouTube videos that respond to HB711. The first video I recommend that you watch is from Lee Watts. You can Click Here or on the following image to see that video.

The second video I recommend that you watch is from Andrew Cooperrider. You can Click Here or on the following image to see that video.

I believe that the Cooperrider review of this issue is more detailed and helpful. Personally, like Watts and Cooperrider, I believe abortion (all abortion) is fundamentally wrong. It involves the killing of a human being. But I am also VERY sympathetic to the victims of rape and incest. These are heinous and serious crimes and the emotional damage caused to victims is also very serious and, in most cases, life altering. An unwanted pregnancy makes a very bad experience, much, much worse.

But here's what this proposed bill fails to address right from the beginning, something that Cooperrider addresses in the title of his podcast episode, "Bill Will Increase Claims of Rape".

Rape and incest are serious CRIMINAL ACTS. They are crimes people go to prison for.

Let's start with rape. At the outset, let's remember that most acts of rape do NOT result in pregnancy. Last year there were about 2,000 cases of rape in Kentucky. Rape is NOT always perpetrated by a male on a female, but we can agree that the majority are. Obviously rape that results in a pregnancy is a crime perpetrated by a biological man on a biological woman. What percentage of rapes result in a pregnancy? More specifically, how many of the 2,000 cases of rape in Kentucky resulted in pregnancy. I suggest the number is well under 100.

Let's consider the beginning of the rape induced pregnancy. It is preposterous to believe that a woman does not know she has been raped until many weeks later she finds out whether or not she is pregnant. That's a bizarre premise but one that is completely accepted by this bill. If a woman has been raped she knows she has been raped, at the moment it happens. The only exception would be a drug induced, coma like situation but when she awakes from such a rape she will KNOW that it happened. The evidence will be clear to the woman. There is no great mystery to be solved later where a pregnancy was the missing clue.

What is the first thing that any woman should do when she knows she has been raped? Obviously it is to contact the police and file a report of rape. Pregnancy, at that point, has nothing to do with it. The rape victim must contact police immediately. The experience is NOT to be kept a secret. Do you say nothing when your car is stolen? Do you say nothing when you are mugged? You report these crimes to the police as soon as you know they have occurred. There is NO good reason not to do so.

There is NO mention of ANY of this in HB711, which is your first clue that this is a nonsensical bill. On what basis is the abortionist supposed to determine if the pregnancy was the result of a rape? That's pretty simple, when did you report it to police? The bill should give the police the freedom and authority to inform the inquiring victim's doctor that in fact the patient has filed a rape claim. Where is ANY of that in this bill? Further, following the abortion, the remains of the child would yield important DNA evidence to help police catch and convict the rapist. Where does this bill require that the DNA evidence be turned over to the police? Yep, silent on that as well.

Many Republicans believe there should be a rape exclusion for abortion, but this is NOT THAT. This is a rubbish bill which gives an abortionist permission to murder a child because someone put the word "rape" on a medical form with no thought whatsoever to the very SERIOUS CRIME that rape is.

Incest is very much like rape. Really, it is the rape of a child by a family member (second cousin or more closely related). Unlike many rapes. the victim of incest knows the perpetrator. Unlike rape, the sexual molestation of the child by a family member and maybe something that has gone on for years. The first time that the matter ever comes to light may be the fact that the victim has now become pregnant. Pregnancy may be the first evidence of incest.

And this is important, the victim is a child. That means it is NOT the child that will be asking for the abortion, it is the parent of the child. If the excuse to obtain the abortion is "incest", then it could well be that the parent is actually involved in the crime, directly or indirectly. SERIOUS legislation should make it the responsibility of the doctor, who has been told that the pregnancy is incest, to report the matter immediately to the police. Remember, incest is a crime. Patient/doctor confidentiality cannot be used to hide a crime. And when reported a temporary guardian should be named for the child. From that point the best interests of the child should be handled by someone unrelated until a police investigation can exclude the child's parents from the crime.

Once again, if an abortion proceeds (if allowed), the DNA evidence from the baby that has been killed should be gathered and given to police. If the claim was incest then that will be a relatively small group of suspects and the evidence will make prosecution of the perpetrator almost certain.

And finally there is no thought given in HB711 to setting forth the penalties for the false reporting of the crimes of rape or incest. Andrew Cooperrider speculates that passage of a rape/incest abortion exception law will greatly increase the likelihood of false claims of rapes that never happened. Cooperrider is absolutly correct about it. Under a bill so badly constructed, like HB711, it certainly appears to be an incentive to use rape as an excuse to get an abortion for another reason. The individual making a false claim needs to understand the seriousness of doing so, ESPECIALLY for a crime as serious and heinous as rape or incest.

But once again HB711 is SILENT on all these matters. It is a profoundly ill conceived knee jerk reaction to the cheap theatrics introduced into Kentucky politics by Andy Beshear and the Democrats during the 2023 governor's election. Democrats, who want abortion anywhere and everywhere, with no conditions, limitations or regulations, have seized upon a heart tearing story line to create a wedge that they could force into the Republican pro-life position. And the wedge has worked very well. They have persuaded many Republicans that if you don't have an abortion exception for the victims of rape and incest, then you are callous, mean, heartless and don't care about women who are victims. And for Republican politicians running in purple districts, the issue can become a win or lose matter. I suspect Daniel Cameron understands that all too well.

That is not to diminish the pain and suffering that faces rape and incest victims, or the 9 month sentence of having to carry the results of the crime to full term. If you don't understand or sympathize with the situation, perhaps you are heartless.

But if an abortion exception is to be created, then it needs to take into account the serious reality that abortion is a death sentence for a child. It is capital punishment for a human being that did not commit any crime. But if the mental health of the mother, who like her child is also a victim, so much so that abortion is necessary, lets have some actually serious legislation. HB711 is not even close. And the fact that HB711 is NOT serious legislation, and is nothing but a bogus excuse to allow an abortion, underlines that the co-sponsors of this bill are NOT pro-life. Of course they claim that they are, but their conduct and support for HB711 underlines that they do not take abortion seriously. And those who do not take abortion seriously will never understand those of us who do.

I decided to set up this website because I believe that Killian Timoney and RINO Republicans like him need to be replaced. I'm not alone in that view.

Click Here to learn more about a poll related to Senate Bill 83.

From that article:

      66% of surveyed Republicans would be less likely “to vote for a state legislator who voted on multiple occasions to allow someone born a male who now identifies as a female to compete in female sports in high school and college.”

      Only 20% said they would be more likely to vote for a legislative candidate under those circumstances, while 14% were unsure.

      The poll was taken among 258 likely Republican voters exclusively within the 45th Legislative District, which is currently represented by Republican Rep. Killian Timoney.

Fortunately, in the 2024 primary election, we have a strong conservative alternative. His name is Thomas Jefferson.

Tom (seated). Signing for Tom former District 45 State Representative Stan Cave and Tom's wife Denise

If you do not know Tom, you can find out more at his website:

Commonwealth Policy Center Releases Candidate Comparison
and Interview With Thomas Jefferson

Click Here or on the following image to see Commonwealth Policy Center comparison between Killian Timoney and Thomas Jefferson:

Click Here or on the following image to see Commonwealth Policy Center interview with Thomas Jefferson:

Click Here or on the following image to open the Commonwealth Policy Center homepage. There you will find more information about other Kentucky candidates and the services provided by CPC:

Stand For Health Freedom Endorses Thomas Jefferson

You can also learn more about Tom by watching his interview with Andrew Cooperrider.

Jessamine County Republican Party Endorses
Republican Thomas Jefferson
Timoney's Opponent

On Thursday, February 8, 2024, at a meeting of the Jessamine County Republican party, the party endorsed Thomas Jefferson over Killian Timoney in a 25 to 12 vote. Most of those who dissented told Tom Jefferson that they would be happy to support him over Killian Timoney, but disagreed with the majority who wanted the county party to officially endorse. They said they were opposed, in principle, to the party endorsing ANY Republican over another Republican in a primary. Those in the majority believe that this election is much TOO important, and that the voting record of Killian Timoney is too egregious, to stay silent in this election.

You can Click Here for a full size copy of the Endorsement Resolution, or you can click on the image below to see a full size copy of the Endorsement Resolution that was adopted by the Jessamine County Republican Party. Jessamine County makes up about 18% of the Republicans in State House District 45 where Timoney is currently the State Representative. We hope that our fellow Republicans in State House District 45 fully investigate both these candidates before making their VERY important decision in this primary election on May 21st.

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